The game presentation, a tool to know yourself

And to initiate deep transformation in individuals and organizations

‘King’s Play’ is a psychodramatic staged process, that captures, on the fly, the participant’s strengths and weaknesses, as they assume a role of responsibility within a group. It allows them to improve their ability to cope with situations arising in the workplace as well as in their daily life, and to better manage their inner state of being.

Created by Dominique Vincent, King’s/Queen’s Play shows again and again how much our inner world is constantly shaping the outer. It teaches how our outer reality is the reflection of our inner world and conversely, and how we can change ourselves and organizations using this mirror effect. It relies on the understanding of the archetypal structure of individuals and organizations. The dynamic of individuals and groups are similar in essence.

This role play uses the archetypes of King/Queen, Companion-Builder, Warrior, Sage, Artist and Unknown. The archetypes are embodied by the group members on the council of a fictitious kingdom. The fundamental archetype is the human body itself with all his potentialities hidden in it. A "royal" personality is someone who is truly present and anchored in his body and, most of all, in his heart.

Participation in this ‘Play’ makes it obvious that what happens in a group, depends to a large extent on the inner world of its leader. What constantly traps a leader in his effectiveness, are his underlying conditionings, beliefs and scenarios that he has not yet recognized as such and thus enacts them unconsciously.



It empowers people:
  • To cope with the economical, ecological, social and political dynamics,
  • To reach to real efficiency on short and long term perspectives,
  • To gain inner strength and grounding,
  • To enjoy and celebrate personal and collective achievements,
  • To re-humanize workplaces and businesses,
  • To create a world of harmony, heartfulness, kindness, peace, leading to amicable human interactions,
  • To assume responsibility within couple and family life,
  • To recognize that they can really contribute to change the world.
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Personal and group dynamic

The method is based on a simple but effective understanding of individual and group dynamics and on their interactions due to a resonance or mirror effect. It seems to follow the laws of existence as depicted in ancient traditions as well as in modern physics: creation and manifestation out of a mysterious source, unfolding and expanding, and finally destruction, return to the void.

At the root of our being and of any being or happening in this universe, there must be some kind of mysterious origin from where everything is unfolding. We call it the Source. In each of us, it springs out as a gush of life and wants to unfold and makes of us a fully realized being. To reach this, the unfolding energy has to take form. It does it following some pre-organized patterns we call archetypes.

Au cœur du pouvoir, Le Jeu Du Roi

Author : Dominique Vincent

Au-delà des jeux de pouvoir

Author : Dominique Vincent