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I am holding a philosophy degree from the Catholic Institute of Paris and a special state education diploma. I am also Psycho-educator trained and recognized in Canada after a professional training at the Science Education Department of the University of Sherbrooke.

In the 70s, I have lived an ecological approach and sustainable development by supporting an organic farm for 10 years. Meanwhile, I have learned, from all over the globe, a variety of approaches to body-mind therapies: massage, working with posture, Chinese medicine, sounds and voice, animation group therapy and personal development.

In my therapist practice I have helped individuals from the business, associative and political background. For two consecutive years, I took the responsibility of running the personal development component for the annual seminar of the chairmen of the agricultural associations in the Fngeda network. For several years, I supervised individual and group practice of psychologists, psychotherapists and coaches in business.

In addition to my years of official and personal studies, my approach was enriched by numerous journeys including extended stays in the midle and far East, more than 25. I discovered different visions of the world and of humankind. I have been two years teaching in Lebanon, in international service aid work, four years in India where I studied many philosophical and spiritual approaches. I often visit Thailand, Japan and Indonesia, where one of my children lives and works. I also regularly visit Japan where another one of my children live.

I lived 20 years in Canada. I lived and worked in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. I made a few trips to Latin America, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Colombia. These various trips and stays have helped me to have a broad vision of today's world and the challenges we have to meet. I belong to the Group for Research and Studies in Trans-personal therapies (GRETT). I have been experiencing in the past and still practice different types of meditations to keep centred in the tumultuous water of today’s world. I still train myself in different kinds of Qi Gong and Yoga.

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