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As a trainer and a therapist I help my clients:

  • To revitalize themselves.
  • To meet with their inner child in order to understand and heal their emotional wounds and traumas.
  • To take root in their body experience.
  • To reconcile their feminine and masculine.
  • To claim back their autonomy…

I have always been passionate about a quest, a search for "something else" beyond the superficiality of dayly life. After taking care of my three children and after my professional training and my practice as a primary school teacher, I went towards new horizons shamanic study, natural health care, body-mind and transpersonal therapy.

My sensitivity, my life experiences have led me to realize that love is the most powerful leading power for inner transformation at all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

What inspires my approach: respect, love, tenderness, presence, finding intimacy with oneself and with each other, the full acceptance of one’s bodily experience, sensations and emotions. To be oneself at every moment, just being as I am and as everything is, is my motto.

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